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"From my own experience I realise how important it is to feel supported, informed and cared for
by someone you trust and can feel comfortable with."

Meg Brierley

My name is Meg and I know that every woman deserves to have a truly positive experience as she takes her journey through pregnancy, birth and beyond.


I am a Mum to two beautiful daughters who motivate me every day to strive for a society where women are given truly individualised care and treated with the utmost respect along every step to Motherhood.


Before becoming pregnant I believed that birthing a baby was just a fleeting, uncomfortable experience that you had to go through in order to get to the best bit; meeting your baby and becoming a new parent. After finding out I was pregnant I realised that I wanted the pregnancy and birth of my baby to be something more powerful than that. I wanted to feel connected to my baby, being mindful of how they would experience their first moments in the world outside my body. I wanted my husband to be involved at every moment. I wanted to feel confident that I could do it. I wanted to have faith in my body; the same way women have had faith in their bodies for thousands of years. As much as it went against what modern society seemed to want me to believe, I wanted to enjoy it.


I discovered Hypnobirthing and the whole philosophy fit with everything I had been thinking about. Hypnobirthing enabled me to experience the last months of pregnancy with a deep sense of calm and confidence and the birth of my first daughter was just what I had hoped for.


As I continue to be in awe of what women, their babies and their bodies are naturally capable of, training to support other Mums through their own pregnancy and birthing journey through Hypnobirthing felt like the obvious next step. I became a certified Hypnobirthing practitioner and working with couples preparing for the birth of their children was like fulfilling a vocation. I became increasingly aware that once their baby is born, despite the joy and elation of that tiny little bundle, women can be left feeling isolated, anxious, confused, pressured and unsupported. Who is there to nurture these Mothers after the visitors have gone and the congratulations cards are taken down?


After the birth of my second daughter I made the decision to dedicate myself to empowering women and their families in the name of positive birth and early parenthood. I resigned from my job as a secondary school teacher, which I had been continuing alongside teaching Hypnobirthing, completed my doula training with Nurturing Birth and am currently a mentored doula with Doula UK. Having children has changed my life in more ways than I could have ever imagined!


From my own experience I realise how important it is to feel supported, informed and cared for by someone you trust and can feel comfortable with. I am committed to supporting women and their families in having an experience of pregnancy, birth and early parenthood that is satisfying, positive and free from fear and anxiety.


If you are looking for someone to walk alongside you, listen to you, inform you, advocate for you and enable you to advocate for yourself, reassure you, respect you and empower you then get in touch. I would love to meet you and your family and we can discuss if I am right for you and design a package that fits YOU.


Meg x



My training includes:

  • Hypnobirthing Childbirth Educator training with the Hypnobirthing Institute - June 2015
  • Doula training with Nurturing Births - March  2017
  • Rebozo workshop with Selina Wallis - August 2017
  • Closing the Bones workshop with Sophie Messager - September 2017
  • NCT Breastfeeding Peer Supporter training - January 2018
  • Attendance at Bursting the Bubble II: Bereavement Care and Support in Maternity conference - March 2018
  • The Rewind Technique for easing birth trauma with Mia Scotland of MAM Learning - April 2018

Meg Brierley


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