Felicity, David and baby Arya

"Our whole birthing experience was really positive and I have to thank you personally for teaching us about hypnobirthing. I had no worries about the birth beforehand and went into it so knowledgeable that I felt confident in myself. When my labour started I was unsure I was even in labour. I put the call into the hospital and they said pop over we will check you and rebook you back in for tomorrow morning. So off I went and when I got there, they carried out my examination and the nurse shouted “You’re 6cm! Blimey we best get you ready.” The nurse was so surprised she said to her colleagues “there’s a lady in who doesn’t even look like she’s in labour.

"To be honest I felt with all the techniques and breathing exercises I had learnt during our classes this really helped me managed the birth in a positive, relaxed and calming environment. The midwives were very supportive of my birthing plan and that made me feel a little in control even though I was realistic that some things might not go to plan. Having the knowledge and understanding things may take a different route does help you prepare better. You helped us prepare for that.

"Thank you so much and we would like to wish you all the best in teaching the world about hypnobirthing."

Amy, Chris and baby Joseph

"Meg, from the minute I met you hypnobirthing and your advice has helped me everyday to grow stronger, combat anxiety, birth my baby and even manage the examinations after.

"I admit I was doubtful that I would be able to switch off my over active brain but when it came to it, I naturally zoned out, ignored everyone and Chris spoke for us. He was amazing at holding my space and guiding me through it. The midwives were in shock too!

"During your course, I went from being anxious and scared to informed and empowered. Our birth was such a magical and special event. I can’t thank you enough for helping us through the journey and appreciate all the extra, personalised support that you have given me."

Carol-Anne, Dom and baby Seth

"I am so glad that I met Meg at the Bumps, Birth and Beyond event. I had never heard of hypnobirthing but as my close friend (who was 16 weeks ahead of me in her pregnancy) talked about being in control during her labour and birth, about making informed choices, I knew this was what I wanted. 

"As a person, I like routine, I like to know what is going to happen, when it's going to happen and how it's going to happen; I don't like surprises and I like to be in control. I am a control 'freak' and hate it when things are out of my control. I like to know my options and have to plan things meticulously and be prepared. From our early pregnancy days I knew exactly what kind of birth I wanted - calm and peaceful and beautiful, just the same as when my sister birthed my beautiful nephew and niece. However, I am also the worlds worst worrier and negativity always tries to wheedle its way into my thought processes - the what ifs... 

"Labour isn't something that you can control, it isn't predictable, it is a force of nature and not something that can't be relied upon - these were the messages you get from other people's birth stories and it's enough to worry even the calmest of people.

"We attended the hypnobirthing course with Meg for 5 weeks and learnt the techniques for relaxation, pain relief, we learnt about being in control, what to expect, choices and decisions that were ours to make before, during and after the birth. The information we learnt gave us a voice. We learnt about how the female body is designed to birth babies naturally and that intervention was not necessary. It was possible to be in control and have the birth we wanted. 

"As first time parents we found Meg to be an invaluable source of positive information, she also became a friend. We learnt more from her about pregnancy, labour and birth than we did at the antenatal classes and felt prepared for the birth of our son. 

"When labour started, we used the relaxation techniques, the surge breathing, the positive affirmations - we had a long early labour, we spent time together, breathing calmly, we walked along the canal, enjoyed relaxation techniques together and managed the surges together. We were in control.  Hypnobirthing had also prepared my husband and he knew what to expect and how to help me. After 25 hours of calm early labour, active labour began and we were able to enjoy the water birth we had planned. I was able to make choices that led to the natural water birth that I had dreamed of and our son was born 7 hours later. Labour was not the easiest experience I have ever had, but I was in control, made the decisions that worked for me and had the most beautiful natural birth. 

I" know that without the tools that Meg equipped us with, I would have panicked, worried and I'm pretty sure the midwives would have intervened to 'help' me birth our baby. I received our baby boy, Seth, in the water on 14th January at 06:35 and we'd gotten everything we wanted from our birth experience. Thank you Meg."

Katherine, Kyle and baby Elijah

"Before my pregnancy I had heard wonderful things about Hypnobirthing and therefore I knew this method of birthing was for me. My husband, Mum and I attended these sessions with Meg and throughout all 5 classes we developed an extensive education in birthing calmly and naturally, and I felt empowered in my ability to make my own choices about the way I wanted my birth to go. I’ve met very few people who describe their labour and birth as ‘wonderful’ or ‘amazing’ but these are words I now use to describe my own experience! Using the relaxing methods, which I had been practicing since our classes, I breathed my way through each of my surges and quickly and calmly welcomed my gorgeous baby into the world. Meg gave me such confidence in knowing my body’s ability to naturally birth my baby, and also taught my mum and husband perfectly how to support me in this goal too. I had envisioned the perfect birth for my son, and through Hypnobirthing I got what I wished for. I will forever look back at my son’s birthing day with joy, pride and amazement, and I thank Meg for that, and Hypnobirthing!"




Rachel, Michael and baby Ethan

"Both myself and my partner decided to undertake a Hypno-birthing course in order to prepare for the arrival of our first baby and after meeting Megan thought she would be great to help us to understand the techniques. She provided us both with some solid techniques to assist with relaxation, and helped us as a couple and first time parents, understand our roles through the labour and in the first few days afterwards. Personally I am quite an anxious person and like to feel in control or know what is coming, alongside this my partner was becoming a first time father. Therefore HypnoBirthing provided both of us with common ground and understanding of what to expect, how to manage the stages of birth and stay calm, as well as welcoming our little baby into the world in the most positive and stress free way as possible. After completing the training with Megan we both felt prepared and ready for the labour and totally grounded as to how to manage the birthing process and stay focused as well as relaxed. I can’t recommend both HypnoBirthing and Megan enough, I would do it again no question and it was a lovely experience to share as a couple and prepare us to become a family."

Steff, Chris and baby Petra-Joy

"Prior to the birth I did lots of relaxation and breathing practice. I was determined that our baby would have a gentle birth and I did my best to make sure I was relaxed for her coming into the world. The Doctors and midwives were fantastic – they had our HypnoBirthing Preferences sheet and although, in the end, we had to deviate from some of what we would have ideally liked, the midwife made sure we would be able to achieve as much as possible - so she kept the room really calm and relaxing, with some soft music on; she talked us through all the things we could STILL do for our baby, even if I had to have a C-section - Chris could be there; we could see our baby come into the world; it would be calm; Chris could be with us and with the baby as soon as she was born; the baby would have delayed cord clamping and skin to skin contact straight away with me, or Chris if for some reason I was unable to do this. We knew that if the baby had to be born in this way we were still doing everything we could to make sure she had a gentle birth.

"Despite PJ's birth going in a different direction than we'd hoped for, I still really enjoyed it. It was good to be able to approach decisions together calmly and rationally... But I have Meg to thank for that. It was the philosophy of HypnoBirthing that helped us both stay calm and focused; to ask the questions and make the decisions. Chris was more than amazing. I think I would have gone to pieces without him. He was a rock and a guide and so many other things that day. There actually aren't enough words to explain how knowing he was looking after us all brought me such peace of mind, calm and focus.

"I love HypnoBirthing and it has merged now with all the other things that I do and is more of a ‘way of life’ now, rather than something to do with ‘just’ birthing."

Nicky, Matt and baby Calvin

"Thank you so much for guiding and supporting me through my third trimester with Calvin and giving me the tools and techniques to keep my mind and body relaxed and calm during labour and beyond. I will always draw on what I have learned."


AJ, Oliver and baby Freddie

"A huge thank you to you for all you did to help us through our HypnoBirthing course. Not only did we have a lovely time getting to know you, but we had such a fantastic experience and learnt so much along the way. I can honestly say without your help we would have dreaded the whole process but instead w felt calm and very excited.

"Although we ended up with a birth slightly different to what we planned we still gained greatly from the course and we appreciate all the help you’ve given us, we couldn’t have done it without you!"


Gemma, Marek and baby Effie

"Thank you for making Marek and I feel so at ease during the HypnoBirthing course. We have found it so valuable and will definitely be recommending you to others. It’s also appreciated that you are continuing to offer support and advice with the extra session."

Lisa, Anthony and baby Gabriella

"My husband and I decided to complete a private hypnobirthing course in my third trimester and we were so pleased we decided to do this. Meg came to our home and sessions felt really relaxed - we felt comfortable with Meg instantly. I was quite anxious about how the birth may go and whilst I had wanted a home birth I felt unsure if I could do this - the course helped me feel more relaxed and confident and we decided we would like a home birth. My husband had been unsure about it but after the first session he was sold on hypnobirthing and said he found the course so helpful and interesting and it made him feel so much more confident in approaching the birth of our baby. It was nice to hear him explain to people and be such an advocate of home births and hypnobirthing, as he had previously felt the need for us to be in hospital. We did hope for a home birth but due to needing to be induced early at just after 37 weeks we ended up in hospital. Meg was so helpful and supportive in helping us think through the process and how to make it work for us. Her support was invaluable and I don't think I would have been able to approach the birth with the calm that I did without the course and the support and reassurance we received from Meg.

"I think with being in hospital for the birth hypnobirthing became even more of a help as it enabled me to stay calm and feel more in control of the situation and the decision making process. I think for me our birth may have felt a stressful experience had it not been for us doing hypnobirthing - it helped me in the whole approach to birth - not just with the birth itself but for the appointments/scans and interactions with medical professionals. It helped me to reframe and stay positive and helped us to have a positive birth that we felt part of rather than feeling it was being done to us. I feel that everyone would benefit from doing a hypnobirthing course in preparation for the birth of a baby - it just makes so much sense!  Thanks Meg! "

These photographs were taken just after my second HypnoBirth.

Welcome to the world Philippa.

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